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As we have successfully secured funding from Sport England our mission is to promote futsal and street soccer participation in our local area. With this in mind we are securing endorsement from the INTERNATIONAL STREET SOCCER ASSOCIATION.
This is going to bring street soccer to the forefront of local football provision. We do not intend to pinch players away from their clubs or indeed believe that our way is the ONLY way to coach kids. But it is A way. We would welcome any players and coaches down to future sessions and our only aim is to help people realise that there are other skills, techniques out there other than what you may see in conventional football.

coutinho futsal lesson

With our new futsal schools around the corner, we are looking to promote the game in our local area. More and more people are becoming aware of the sport and we are going to be at the forefront of futsal provision.
Our preschool, infant and junior classes will hopefully be the start of establishing the culture and love of futsal participation. Look at Liverpools' Philipe Coutinho as a youngster playing futsal in Brazil......

Brazilian Futsal Masterclass with Neto and Kaka

Write your post here. With the inception of our first Futsal school in Warrington just a few weeks away ( July 2013 ), I decided to extend my Futsal knowledge further by attending a Futsal masterclass in Hammersmith Academy, London, April 2013. Having just qualified as a level one FA Futsal coach at St Georges Park, this masterclass run by Brazilian Futsal International Neto and fellow Brazilian, Kaka, who is Neto's club side manager ( Gazprom Ugra, Russia ) was an invaluable piece of coach education.
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